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What is the motion effect?

What is the motion effect?

It is a type of lenticular printing effect that shows a sequence of movement through a succession of images.

It is ideal for playing simplified “video fragments”.

How should you prepare the file?

To reproduce a motion effect you simply need a PDF file with several images.

Keep in mind that this is not a “television screen” and therefore the movement sequence should be short and uniform.

Above all, you should avoid excessively long sequences and with large jumps between different images.

Specifically, the file must have the following characteristics:

> PDF file with all the images (I recommend using 6 images)

> 300 dpi resolution

> 2 mm bleed

> CMYK format

How can you improve the result?

Keep the following recommendations in mind if you want to achieve the best motion effect:

> Use colourful images

These images work best as they integrate better with each other. On the other hand, black and white images can hinder the motion effect.

> Use textured images

These images are the most suitable since they facilitate the succession from one to another. On the other hand, flat images can lead to the so-called ghosting effect.

> Use images that are similar to each other

These images allow you to obtain a smooth and fluid motion effect. On the other hand, images that are very different from each other can negatively affect the video feeling.

And that’s all!

I hope you find this brief presentation on the motion effect interesting.

You can see a real example by clicking here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

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